Risk Assessment

A deep look into your organisation, processes and risk factors

Pinpointing all pathways of risk to create more balanced environments

It is often in many modern organisations that managers want to prioritize efficiency over cyber security, as those two, more often than not, don't go hand in hand. This struggle between efficiency and cybersecurity is valid, but in many cases, mismanagement of cybersecurity can cause the environment to grow in an unstructured way with no documentation and the risk of a cybersecurity incident to skyrocket.

Our Risk Assessment service is the answer to many of those problems through its non-intrusive approach that generates a plethora of relevant information and helps you prioritize it in order to minimize threats. A detailed Threat Modeling and Data Flow are the beating heart of this service. It will give our experts a complete overview of applications, systems, architectures and network environments.

All the aforementioned will be analyzed, the risk register will be updated, the risk acceptance will be identified, the risk appetite matrix will be updated and paths of escalation will be pinpointed.