Red Team Purple Team

A real life cyber attack simulation to assess your readiness

Optimize your system against simulated full-scale attacks before they become real

A Red Team assessment is a real-life scenario where our experts simulate a full-scale attack against the digital environment of your organization. The scenario will provide exhaustingly analytical and valuable input on the overall cyber security of the entire environment, both for systems and for processes. Apart from systems and services, our experts will also assess the processes used by the SOC teams, incident response teams, and the awareness level of employees.

External DMZ attacks, internal Windows Domain attacks, social engineering attacks, and phishing attacks are some of the threats that can be simulated through this scenario.

For a more efficient and noise-free scenario, our experts can provide a Purple Team assessment, where our experts will work side by side with your Blue Team (Red and Blue makes Purple, hence the name) and Administrators to evaluate, apart from the infrastructure, their responses, their processes and their efficiency.