In the cybersecurity world, it is common knowledge that nothing has impacted the industry more than Penetration Testing. Penetration testing —in short, Pen test— hasn’t been around for long, and still most managers and administrators have heard about it or are already interested, and there is a very good reason why. Penetration testing is the purest way to proactively ensure that your infrastructure or application is robust against cyber attacks.

Such tests are always targeted, and the scope has been discussed; therefore, the client knows that valuable input for components that really matter to the organisation will be produced.
A carefully crafted scenario will provide the client with valuable information about the state of the component that is tested, the underlying network, the architecture and the processes that IT is following.

A penetration test packs a lot, and that’s why we, here at MottaSec, have a special way of working with such projects.

In close collaboration with the client
Our experts will perform a rigorous test against your infrastructure or your application in order to validate that they don’t suffer from misconfigurations and vulnerabilities.
The special approach we follow when it comes to Penetration Testing, starts with scoping and setting the target, always in close cooperation with the client. Our goal is to ensure that the scenario will perfectly match the client’s needs, as we are totally against ”one test fits all” approaches. At the same time, it allows us to maintain a very high quality of service, which is often the best advertisement for us.

Valuable input and reporting
Whether your organization needs to follow compliance frameworks like TIBER-EU, ISO-27001, PCI DSS or is going through due diligence, acquisition, or merger, our experts can help you on the one hand investigate and identify vulnerabilities in assets and, on the other hand, provide you with a report that can be used in audits or any type of contract. Our reports contain an executive summary, describing the scope, the number of vulnerabilities, their severity, and their remediation status. Furthermore, MottaSec can provide you with a Penetration Testing certificate.

Continuous Pentesting
As companies shifted away from monolithic development and towards a more agile development circle with a lot of microservices, the pressing need arose that developers integrate a penetration testing phase into their development cycle.

MottaSec has developed a process with milestone points inside the DEV OPS where we can test the application and establish an open channel with the developers in order to report all findings immediately and verify that the patch has been properly implemented.