Does your organization need a CISO? Now you can have one for as long as you need them.

Cybersecurity is a high priority for most businesses and organizations nowadays, although many lack the resources to implement a thorough security plan.

Most of the time, small and mid-sized companies cannot justify a full-time IT job; therefore, they are reaching out to external companies to outsource their IT. This choice solves a lot of problems, but it also creates new ones, with the most important being that they are no longer responsible for their own cyber security.

CISO as a Service is an attractive alternative for such cases. MottaSec bundles this service as a complete package, which means that the client can assign our expert to the regulation of internal tasks (for instance, creating a robust ISMS) and also benefit from all the other services that MottaSec offers.

Our expert will assess your needs, analyze your environment and propose specific services, such as Security Architecture or Penetration Testing. These services will be part of the CISO's duties and included in the cost of this versatile and valuable all-in-one service.